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Artistic Alley is going through some changes to make the time you spend here valuable and helpful. You’ll find some new areas added such as our Photo Impact sections and we are still trying to maintain some Paint Shop Pro! Don’t miss our Mix-N-Match triple backgrounds! This special script is fun to play around with to see the different results!  Most of all . . . we thank you and have fun!

Thanks to Perlgrrls (formally Deco-Rations) who designed this great cgi script, it allows you to pick 3 backgrounds which will be layered and give you the html code for your page!  All you have to do is copy the html and right click and “save as” on the graphics that pop up with the html.  Then paste the code into your page and link to the graphics you downloaded; don’t forget to upload them to you server! You can’t go wrong! Go ahead and try the different combinations and bookmark this page; I will be changing the backgrounds from time to time!  NOTE:  EVEN THOUGH THE BACKGROUNDS ARE FREE TO USE, THEY ARE STILL “LINKWARE”; IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU LINK BACK TO MIX-N-MATCH by Artistic Alley. Please use the logo below and the link with it.


All the free graphics and/or sets are “linkware” which means it is required that a link is to be placed on the page which the graphics are on and linked back to “Artistic Alley” at  Please give credit where credit is due.

Now, the “Don’ts” . . . My artwork is NOT to be associated with any adult material.  No porno, foul language, hatred sites, you must not have any links to this sort of site, no South Park material or similiar.  If it is not safe for a child to see, then forget it. If you have any questions, you may email me. Please use one of the buttons below to link back to Artistic Alley to

You may use the web page sets and graphics (unless specified they are not to be copied or saved or used) on personal and non-profit sites.  Absolutely none of the materials may be placed on any other web site, packaged in any form such as on cd’s, DVD’s, tapes or floppy disks for distribution in any form.   These terms may change at anytime without notice.

You are hereby advised that by downloading or using any graphics or materials including coding, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service and may be held responsible for any misuse.